‘An astonishingly mature debut from this confident young folksinger; there is a heartfelt purity to his stripped-back approach.’ - ★★★★ Songlines

One of the most rewarding surprises of this year has been the debut solo album from Jack Rutter. Accomplished, individual and assured; Hills is an album that looks set to stand the test of time.’ - fRoots

‘Jack is a fine musician, his vocals are astonishingly mature and nuanced for a singer in his 20s, but what this album really showcases is his storytelling. It is Jack’s ability to live and breathe these songs and invite listeners to do the same that elevates this majestic work to something very special indeed.’ - Folk Radio UK

‘You always want an exciting new discovery at a festival, and for many it was Jack Rutter who provided just that. What prowess he showed in music, he matched with his skills as a raconteur; his love and respect for other people’s songs in turn made the audience joyful.’ - Louder Than War reviewing Underneath the Stars Festival

‘Debut solo album Hills takes him to a whole new level, quite simply outstanding.’ - ★★★★ RnR Magazine

‘A truly captivating singer of traditional songs, Jack Rutter’s new record feels like one of the classic folk albums of the 70s.’ - Jon Boden

‘An outstanding performer’ - The Independent

‘Jack has a clear, warm voice across the whole of its range and a performance style which is uncluttered and free from idiosyncrasies. Guitar, bouzouki or concertina accompaniments are beautifully constructed and played – never getting in the way of the song, but supporting and building it. He has chosen some interesting and varied material, usually with a strong narrative element, influenced by the ethos of Martin Carthy – get strong songs and work them into something even stronger.’ - The Living Tradition Magazine 

‘There’s a refreshing integrity about its stripped-down values. What comes to the fore is the durable strength and beauty of the songs.’ - ★★★★★ Colin Irwin, fRoots

‘From the opening notes you sense the same kind of inclusiveness that makes albums like Penguin Eggs so special. If Jack Rutter can pull something like this off on his first album, it’ll be fascinating to see what he’ll manage over the rest of his career.’ - grizzlyfolk.com

‘Jack Rutter has every right to be pleased with Hills, a very assured set of songs with a gorgeous rustic feel.’ - Acoustic Magazine

‘He sings without any pretensions or over-decoration, rather reminiscent of the early days of the 60s revival. It is of course not as simple as it looks and sounds, as he pays great attention to his performance, engaging the audience with his pleasing personality, humour and skilled playing of his top grade instruments. Definitely a rising star.’ - efestivals.co.uk

‘A solo performer with immense talent and charm - and impeccable diction! His songs are clearly a part of his DNA and his approach to recording this album shows great maturity. I think Jack is here to stay!’ - Shire Folk

‘Jack's singing and playing flow into all space like silver or gold filling a jewellers mould, extra instrumentation or adornment would get in the way and detract from the pure beauty revealed. Hear the arrival of a considerable talent on this assured debut.’ - Northern Sky Magazine 

‘Overall a live performance that was a thing of joy, and nothing more need be said.’ - grapevinelive.co.uk 

‘But for the talk of this being like a classic folk album of old, its not, it's a folk album of now. I don't think there’s a better compliment I can give. This isn't Penguin Eggs, as some have said, calling something a classic when it’s fresh always seems a little lazy to me. Foolish to compare things across such an arch of time. Hills will earn its deserved status due to its quality, not any verdicts given, and deservedly so, it lives outside of such pomp and ceremony. It's crux of passion, integrity and skilful musical ability is girded by a seemingly unwavering sense of direction. I implore you to listen to it, you'll be richer for it.’ - FATEA Magazine

‘A voice as rich and beautiful as his native Yorkshire.’ - English Folk Expo

‘He is such an expressive and intricate player that it is sometimes hard to believe only one person is playing. This stripped-back accompaniment is the perfect counterpart to his passionate, sympathetic vocals.’ - Bright Young Folk 

‘It has the confidence of an album like Nic Jones’ Penguin Eggs or Martin Carthy’s debut. But it doesn’t feel like an exercise in nostalgia or an attempt to revert back to a bygone ‘golden age’. In fact, Hills is a vital, enthralling record which I’m sure will creep into the speakers of anyone with a passion for folk, and hopefully the headphones of a new, broader audience too.’ - Folk Radio UK 

‘Rutter’s voice is his own, with an empathy and resonance that defies his youth. Beautifully sincere, timeless and beguiling.’ - Songlines 

‘Hills is an excellent piece of work, a selection of songs being performed with no little talent and lashings of warmth. Do try and have a listen, and track down a live show too, go see him, he’s great.’ - Stirrings Magazine

‘The songs are delivered perfectly in Rutter’s unadorned, honest voice. It’s a superb set.’ - RnR Magazine

‘Although Hills may be free of fuss and frills, there are no shortage of thrills. Not exactly white knuckle ride thrills, but more like chills in the intensity, the sensitivity and the delivery that marks Jack in the bracket of mature and rounded.’ - 8/10 Louder Than War 

‘A singer of great warmth and intimacy, his homely Yorkshire burr effortlessly wraps itself around songs selected for his clear love of them. Despite an extraordinary talent, there’s nothing showy about young Jack Rutter, he’s the kind of chap you hope will go very far indeed, simply because the world needs to hear more from people like him. Hills is one of the finest folk albums of the year. You’d be a fool to leave 2017 without it.’ - grizzlyfolk.com 

‘Wonderful, pure and simple. The audience just falls head over heels for this man, and rightly so.’ - English Folk Expo

‘This is an album of restrictions, with parameters – a singular vision maintained from the first to the very last note. But these boundaries are not a cage, they offer Jack the opportunity to fly. And boy does he soar…’ - Folk Radio UK 

‘As with all the material, he sings them as songs, not as “folk songs”. This is an album I have already returned to a number of times – and expect to do so many more. I can think of no better introduction of this material to a new generation who has yet to discover these songs.’ - The Living Tradition Magazine 

‘A vocally outstanding performance to cherish. A gem.’  - cultureroar.com 

‘The first thing I want to say is that if anyone tells you that traditional music is dying or just for us oldies, point them to Jack Rutter and his debut album, Hills. This is set to be one of my albums of the year.’ - Folking.com

‘Rutter’s rough, honest voice gives the songs a time-worn air.’ - The Oxford Cherwell 

‘It certainly leaves the listener wanting to hear more from Jack Rutter, and with the success of Hills it seems certain that we will.’ - Bright Young Folk

‘Traditional music at its most pure and best, with Rutter regaling us with timeless tales, a lot of which are set around his home county of Yorkshire. Remarkably on his first attempt, this could easily go down as a classic.’ - Real Music Net